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Sales service

Network consultation/Telephone consultation

In the process of product design and development, customers can conduct preliminary communication with ULO’s marketing personnel through any channel they have mastered, and record the address and contact information according to the customer’s elaboration and customer requirements. And it will be solved by technical support staff. For face-to-face business and technical communication, ULO will arrange sales and marketing engineers closest to the customer to meet with the customer.

On-site service

According to the arrangement of the headquarters, sales and marketing personnel will arrive at the client company at the fastest speed required by the client and conduct face-to-face on-site communication with the client’s technical staff. Understand the most real application needs of customers. Provide suitable products to customers.

Order delivery

 ULO has a dedicated order processing department, which will split the order and transmit it to the supply chain order processing center through the system in two batches in the morning and afternoon when the order is received. The order processing center arranges production according to the capacity delivery date and variety to ensure that the products are delivered to the customers as quickly as possible.

   After-sales service

ULO Electronics uses its professionalism and enthusiasm to provide customers with high-quality and efficient services every day, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality services, meeting customer service needs, continuously improving customer satisfaction, and guaranteeing customers' production and operation convoy. In the field of terminals, we have a team of skilled and experienced engineers to provide customers with 7x24 hours of service. Professional service personnel and a nationwide service and spare parts network will quickly respond to customer service needs.

Our promise

If the product you purchased is within the warranty period, ULO Electronics promises to provide free professional maintenance or on-site service to the faulty product within the scope of ULO Electronics’ responsibility. If you want to confirm the product warranty period, please consult customer service staff or call 0574-63681105. Our technical support provides 24 hours/day-7 days/week all-weather service.

Personalized service

European one-to-one customer solution

When the customer's service requirements are determined after the technical team of ULO communicates with the customer and it is determined that the current product cannot effectively meet the customer’s product needs, ULO will further let the project engineer lead the project team to penetrate into the customer’s project development Communicate and understand and sign confidentiality clauses with customers. Provide customers with personalized customized service system

Provision and implementation of the European road plan

The project engineer will give 1-2 plans for the customer to choose according to the customer’s cost and production needs. After the plan is selected, our project engineer will mobilize the company’s resources according to the established plan to ensure that the project is implemented as planned and Finish.

ULO professional R&D service

The ULO Technology Center has the ability to directly communicate with customers the following points: determine what kind of services and products should be provided, identify the key characteristics of products and services, determine which areas to focus on improvement, and determine the key driving factors for customer satisfaction. ULO Technology will meet customer service and product needs. In addition to providing standard products, it also brings ODM/OEM services to customers, effectively solving the individualized solutions proposed by customers for electrical connector products. Create high-end manufacturing capabilities, enhance market competitiveness, and provide customers with different personalized services!

ULO automated production

ULO people have been seeking new breakthroughs. After in-depth discussions with automation manufacturers, they formulated ULO automation solutions. After nearly 2 years, they have initially realized automation and established an informatization and automated manufacturing platform. Will meet the needs of mold one-stop service. In the entire platform operation, the world's most advanced technology is used.

ULO mold center coordination

Ningbo ULO Electronic Mould Center Coordination Department is engaged in the development of high-precision connector molds, and now has nearly 30 sets of equipment such as Makino high-speed machining center, slow wire walking, mirror sparks, etc., and has high-precision testing equipment such as three-coordinates and video cameras. .

Online consultation