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Connection technology

Connection technology

Conductive material

There is no risk of stress cracking for the various molding requirements of the conductive parts and the electrical requirements during use. The surface of the copper conductive parts is plated with tin alloy to ensure good contact performance and low contact resistance. In addition to good electrical properties, tin alloy coatings also have good anti-corrosion properties. The tin alloy surface treatment can protect the solderability of the printed circuit board terminals and the solder pins of the connector. In order to increase the wear resistance of the connector, the tin alloy is also used in this part. This treatment can also maintain long-term performance. Weldability.

Insulation material

In order to meet the actual requirements of different products, different materials can be selected according to specific applications. Nylon 6.6 is the preferred insulating material for the housing of terminals and connectors. It is also recognized by almost all international testing organizations. Because of its excellent ability to resist leakage current breakdown, it reaches CTI 600 in accordance with the IEC112 standard, which can reduce the air and leakage current creeping distance. It has been used as the basic material of the European road terminal. Nylon 6.6 has elasticity, rigidity and resistance to most chemical agents, and is classified as extinguished V-O category or (V-2) according to UL94. The modified nylon 6.6 used by ULO terminal blocks does not contain halogens, fluorocarbons, chlorine carbohydrates, silicone, asbestos, cadmium and formaldehyde, so all insulating materials used on ULO terminal blocks do not contain toxic ingredients.

Spring clamping material

All clamping springs used in ULO terminal blocks are made of high-quality, carefully selected and reliable nickel-chromium spring steel CrNi. It has high tensile strength and high corrosion resistance proven by many years of practical experience. ability. It is resistant to marine salt spray, urban waste gas and industrial gas sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. At a normal temperature of 22℃, it can resist 30% saline solution and 30% dilute phosphoric acid.

Authoritative test

ULO terminal blocks strictly pass the international glow wire test

The product conforms to the national standard GB5169.10 and the international standard UL1059. The glow wire tester is designed according to the requirements of the "glow wire test method" in the IEC60695, GB5169.10 and GB4706.1 standards.

European wiring terminals always use environmentally friendly materials

The terminal raw materials use the instrument "X-Fluorescence Spectrometer" to test the product RoHS (eight heavy metals) and product coating, to ensure that the product is an environmentally friendly material, and the product complies with IEC62321 electrical and electronic products-determination of six restricted substances (lead, mercury, Cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers) concentration standards.

ULO terminal blocks comply with international pull requirements

Terminal products use the "Pulling Force Tester" to test the product clamping force (pull force), and use the corresponding product fixture to insert the rated wiring area wire to test the product pullout force, but explosive force cannot be used. Czech editor.

ULO terminal blocks meet customer requirements for terminal temperature resistance

Use the instrument "High and Low Temperature Alternating Temperature Test" for the raw materials of the terminal to test its products at low temperature of -40℃ and high temperature of 120℃, anti-aging, moisture-proof, anti-fixed foreign body entry and water-proof harmful entry, to ensure that its products are in different seasons. The flexibility and dryness of the product can prevent the product from being brittle and broken at low temperature.

Passed the inspection by the Quality Inspection Center of the China Academy of Railway Research

The Locomotive and Rolling Stock Inspection Station of the Quality Inspection Center of the Chinese Academy of Railway Research Sciences is affiliated to the Railway Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. It organizes the quality inspection, supervision and supervision of the ministry-controlled industrial products, and the issuance and assessment of railway product production licenses and manufacturing licenses Inspection, type test and commissioned inspection in batch inspection of complete vehicles and complete machines, and implement quality tracking of controlled items.

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