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        China and the global manufacturing industry to upgrade the demand for industrial automation, increasing. Various types of production enterprises, including the terminal itself is sparing no effort to promote the process of automation.
CNC machining equipment instead of electromechanical machining equipment, pure electric servo injection molding machine instead of hydraulic servo injection molding machine and hydraulic frequency injection molding machine. Harsh environments are replaced by robots. Labor-intensive production lines are replaced by automated pipelines.
The cutting-edge technology has entered the digital factory stage, from the order arrangement, material distribution, component production, assembly manufacturing, packing, completely handled by artificial intelligence and complete the operation.
However, to achieve industrial production automation, but the need for a variety of automation devices with the completion of the ULO connector products for these products provide a reliable guarantee of reliable connection. Optocoupler products, such as servo drive controllers, frequency converters, transformers, industrial I / O bus modules, switching power supplies, servo motors, relay modules, optocoupler conversion modules, signal surge suppressors, industrial switches and other products Experienced applications can provide a variety of customers in the field of industrial automation to meet the requirements of the connection program.
The goal is to make its own efforts by continuously optimizing the connector products to provide high reliability, cost-effective connector products for the development of industrial automation.
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