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        China's high-speed rail operating mileage has reached the world's first. China's high-speed rail enterprises have been gains in the world. With the formation of China's large urban agglomeration. Staff and materials, the growing demand for circulation. The city's congestion, cost and long-distance air transport capacity and cost bottlenecks can not be broken. Long-distance high-speed rail and urban rail transit with the growing demand in the future can be seen for some time there will be rapid development.
The electrical connection of the rail transit industry is particularly critical to the safety and reliability of the connection due to its industry specificity. The first use of all the plastic raw materials must meet the UL1059 VO level flame retardant requirements and through the DIN5510 low smoke zero halogen test, and the stability of the connection compared to other industries also added an acceleration impact test, in the long life test requirements The acceleration value in the vertical direction is 7.9 m / s2. Horizontal acceleration 3.5m / s2, longitudinal acceleration 5.5 / s2, after 5H after the test product appearance structure. No cracks and deformation and other mechanical damage. The reliability of the wire connection does not change.
ULO from the beginning to create a spring connection technology as the legislature of the plant. The high reliability of the spring connection is in line with the requirements of the rail transit industry for connection technology. At present, there are already a large number of ULO products have been used in rail transit, locomotive power control cabinet, locomotive lighting interface, ballast interface, locomotive broadcasting system interface, locomotive lightning protection line cabinet, signal line lightning protection components, integrated bathroom Sensor faucet, set the toilet sensor system, drying hand, car newspaper display, tea stove, electric heater, PSD, gates and other aspects of the application.
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