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        World elevator technology is mainly divided into the Austrian as the representative of the US technology to Switzerland Schindler and Finland KONE as the representative of the European technology to Hitachi and Mitsubishi as the representative of the Japanese technology. ULO on behalf of enterprises in the field of elevator in the various subsystems, there are solutions to provide.
ULO products are also widely used in the elevator traction machine power supply box, room power box, shaft lighting. Door machine safety circuit. Intercom system, weighing system. Room control cabinet transformer. Emergency Disaster Relief Power Supply. Car space within the call control panel, intercom phone, lighting, ventilation and other parts
In the traction machine power supply box and the room power box to provide wiring 0.05mm2-35mm2 UK series screw rails and wiring can be connected 1.5mm2-16mm2 spring rail assembly terminal for customers to choose.
For the shaft lighting, intercom system and weighing system, the ULO from 2.5mm2 spacing to 7.5mm2 spacing, wiring can be 0.5-2.5mm2 mcs multi-purpose connector for customers according to the current, the size of the choice of space to use.
As the elevator to run the brain of the computer control system. Both the serial control system and the parallel control system have a large number of interface connections, speed feedback devices, frequency converters, door locks and safety circuits, hoist signal and function input at the edge of the main control board. DC24 power input and other peripherals.
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